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Leaking Taps

Leaking Tap or faucet

Leaks can cost your household hundreds of dollars over the years if they are not attended to quickly. From that dripping hose tap, to that for ever running shower head and the kitchen mixer that won't stop leaking, call Proficient Plumbing and Gas today to have one of our Plumbing technicians come out to investigate the problem and advise whether a repair is possible or if a replacement is a more suitable option. Proficient Plumbing stock a range of tap ware on board to suit most fixtures and our supplier Reece are not to far away for all your plumbing choices.

Leaking Pipes and fixtures

The most common plumbing problem that we come across in Perth is leaking pipes and fixtures. These are often caused purely by aging materials and washers that have been worn down over time. We always carry spare plumbing pipes, washers, joiners and everything else needed to repair your leak on the spot.

If your leak starts to increase we recommend turning off your water mains immediately and calling Proficient Plumbing on 0433 194 852.

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